Why not give an uplifting experience to your loved ones this Christmas? 

You can spend hours looking through the shops for physical products. However, you end up coming home with socks for Dad, boxes of things your loved ones don’t need, and tired feet for you! To help out, we are offering a 3-for-the-price-of-2 voucher deal for those who want to give the gift of music.

It has been scientifically proven than music enhances life and improves both emotional and intellectual intelligence. Not only that, breathing techniques in singing lessons are even proven to help digestion, stress levels and the release of dopamine (the feel good hormone!)

Music Education does wonders for self esteem and confidence. We have seen many times that shy young person who finds out that they are good at something and people come up to congratulate them on their playing, performance, or even a new song that they have written!  We have also witnessed Expats, integrating into a new culture, finding a new circle of friends via music and what a luxury to have music lessons with someone who “gets you”! This is great for adults, adolescents and children too. ALL LEVELS ARE MOST WELCOME! We beleive that a life with more music can make everyone happier.

We have skilled educators with international backgrounds who offer lessons in English on various instruments like vocals, piano, guitar, bass, drums and violin. On piano we can even offer lessons in Chinese and Russian. The voucher is open for all instruments, so the recipient can choose when turning in the voucher.

We will send the voucher and welcome letter to the delivery address you specify in the order form. Upon ordering, you will receive a confirmation to the buyer’s email address.